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Yunia Book Club

Yunia Book Club includes three independent brands: Yunia business book club, Yunia thinking development book club, Yunia English Sharing and Innovation book club.
On July 5, 2019, Yunia business book club was born. A book a day, with an annual fee of RMB36.5 per person, We started the operation of Yunia business book club, for the entrepreneurs and the amateurs to learn high-energy knowledge, to provide online services.
On September 16, 2019, Yunia Thinking Development Book Club was launched, with an annual fee of RMB36.5 per person, which follows the business books. The first 150 people were free of charge. There were three groups of wechat in the first phase, providing online and offline services. 300 more membership Now.
In the future, Yunxia English Book Club will share and create books to oversea customers. The membership fee is expected to be $100 per person, which will be promoted and opened to overseas B2B customers.